A Long Hiatus



Hello….It’s me.  I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet (thanks Adele).  I am sorry for my very long absence from Five Spinning Plates.  I have accumulated dozens of half complete blog posts and probably have 100+ blog titles with a few words or pictures on the page from the past few years.  The problem has not been lack of ideas or experiences, it has truly been a lack of time and prioritization.  I just have not made this blog the priority like I would have liked to.  I started Five Spinning Plates when I was working only 3 days a week.  I had a little more time on my hands and a lot of things I needed to say with 3 little babies at home.  Now, I still have the 3 not so little kiddos and plenty to say, but I also have a very busy full-time job and the usual demands of home weighing me down.  I have prioritized quality time with the kids, time with Les, exercise, and other personal pursuits like reading and travel, over taking the time to sit down and write.  Something has to give when you get too many plates spinning at the same time, and unfortunately the writing plate got shelved for a while.

Writing is something I have missed over the past few years.  I miss the nightly therapy of sitting down and putting my thoughts into words.  I have missed the recording of life’s poignant and mundane moments, snapshots into this amazing time of life.  I miss having a written record of all of this craziness and having witnesses to it all.  My problem is that I am not a fast writer.  It takes me a long time to write even the simplest of posts.  I enjoy writing, and have been told that I am an above average writer (not sure about that, but I try to accept a compliment when one is given), but the words don’t flow freely enough to complete a decent post in under an hour.  I will never be able to write for a living because of this.  It is hard to justify sitting down to an hour of nightly blogging, when I can’t manage to pay bills or get an expense report in on time.  I am envious of all the bloggers out there that can turn out amazing posts in just 15-30 minutes.  I am a perfectionist writer – I don’t like to rewrite or revise anything.  I want the thoughts that end up written on the page to be the final draft.  This is how I wrote papers in high school and college.  I put a lot of thought into the planning and writing, but very little time editing or revising.  This method usually worked well for me, but I am not sure if it works for these purposes.  At this point though, I am not planning for my posts to be read by many people or have them move beyond friends and family and the occasional curious reader from the web.  In order to try to finish some of the many posts I have started in the past few years, and to encourage me to write more in the moment, I am going to try to write faster and not be quite as deliberate in my writing style.  If the quality of my writing suffers, ya’ll will just have to forgive me.

The title of this blog is still so appropriate.  I still feel like I am spinning AT LEAST 5 plates at all times.  There are some things, like the sheer level of neediness and physical demands of parenting babies and toddlers, that have become so much easier as the kids have grown older, but other things, like activities and school, have gotten more complicated.  My work has kept me very busy and Les’ career has undergone a lot of changes.  We continue to try and Carpe Diem and live life to its fullest!  We have not forgotten how quickly things can turn bad and how the health, money, love, or luck that you have always counted on can simply run out.  As I am getting older, it is not that unusual to hear stories about people my age or a little older getting sick or dying suddenly from a heart attack.  Life can be too short for some.  It sounds so cliche, but we do feel very blessed and try not to take anything for granted.  I have too much to do and say before my time on this earth is cut short.  I want to document as much of it as possible, and I want to continue to spend as much time as possible enjoying my family and the things that give my life meaning – friends, travel, books, my home,  my health, and all my spinning plates.


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