Recovery Week 3


The good news is that Jacob is doing much better post-surgery this week.  He is back to being a happy, active little boy.  His appetite has returned and he is eating and drinking enough to make up for lost time.  He is also sleeping better.  I was really starting to worry that I had messed up my good sleeper by going into his room and holding him or sleeping in his bed every time he woke up during the night.  No more wake-ups in the middle of the night.  I enjoyed comforting him and snuggling at night, but I am also glad to be back in my own bed getting a restful 5-6 hours of sleep again.  I think our Jacob is almost back to normal.


The bad news is that he now has a head-to-toe rash.  It looks awful, but does not itch or really bother him.  It appeared the morning after he stopped his course of antibiotics.  It seems my allergy-prone kid is also allergic to his antibiotic.  He was given the antibiotic when we took him to the doctor (after my last post) and found out he had an infection.  Twenty-four hours of antibiotic treatment rapidly improved his symptoms – more energy, no more bad breath, no more fevers, increased appetite and thirst, etc.  So while he is finally feeling better, he looks pretty rough because of this nasty rash.  It looks like he is probably allergic to penicillin.  I’ll just add it to the ever growing list of things he is allergic to.

It is hard to tell if Jacob is seeing any benefit from the surgery.  I will try not to make a final judgement until 4-6 weeks post-surgery, but so far I can’t really see any real improvement.  Before the surgery, we finally got the drooling under control, but this has come back since the surgery.  I have not noticed any significant improvements to breathing, sleep quality, or speech, but I still think it is probably too soon to really tell.

If anything, at least I know that we are doing everything we can for Jacob.  So many medical people told us that this surgery could help Jacob, and I would have always wondered what we were missing out on if we did not do the surgery.  As long as the surgery did no harm to him (which I was worried about those first 2 weeks), I won’t be overly disappointed if we don’t see any real benefit.  Hopefully he’ll have less wheezing when he gets sick.  Hopefully he won’t walk around with his mouth open anymore, because he will be able to breathe better through his nose.  Hopefully the quality of his sleep improves and he wakes up rested in the morning.  The biggest blessing would be that his improved breathing would lead to improvements in speech.  I guess we’ll just keep waiting and hoping – like we always do.

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