Introducing… Five Spinning Plates

Hi.  My name is Jessica.  I am a 34 year-old woman living in Virginia.  I have been married to Les for almost 10 years (and we have been together for 16 years).  I am the mother to three children:  Isabella (4), Jacob (2), and Noah (1).  I work in sales 3 days/week and am home with my children and our crazy schedule the other 4 days/week.  Call this blog my mini mid-life crisis or just my way to put my feelings, thoughts, and experiences out there for the world to read.  It could also be my way to share my experiences and create a forum for other people to share their experiences and thoughts.  It may be another outlet for me to vent since my husband, and even some of my friends and family members, are probably sick of my stories and ramblings.  I know that this blog will also force me to write regularly, to actually record those funny stories about my kids and anecdotes about life, love, politics, relationships, work, success, failure, friendship, family, and everything in between.  Maybe one day, this blog will be a wonderful, and potentially very embarrassing way, for my kids to remember their mom.   I guess there are multiple reasons for starting this blog, and I hope you will join me as I embark on this journey and see what takes shape.

Like many women who are trying to balance it all, I sometimes think I have it all together and figured out, and other times I feel like all the spinning plates I am juggling are crashing down around me.  I chose Five Spinning Plates as the title for this blog because the five people in my family, including myself, are the plates I am usually trying to keep in the air.  Sometimes I am spinning 5 different plates just at work or just with one of my kids, but the title still works.  Of course I could have called the blog 50 spinning plates or 200 spinning plates because that is usually more what it feels like, but 5 seemed more symbolic and realistic for me.  In this new world of blogging and domain names that I am entering, most of the other good names were already taken anyway.

Let me put a few disclaimers out there at the outset.

1.  This is my first time writing for an audience and my first experience with a blog.  I have no idea what I am doing so bear with me.

2.  Just ignore or overlook grammatical errors.  Please and thank you.  I will do my best to correct mistakes, but I know there will be mistakes as grammar was never my strong suit.

3.  I look forward to comments and questions from anyone interested in a conversation.  My intent is not to offend anyone or hurt anyone’s feelings that may not agree with things I say on this blog.  I am doing this blog so I have an outlet to share my stories and experiences and to express my opinions and views on things.  Those topics may include politics, parenting styles or choices, books, movies, and maybe even religion.  If you don’t like what I have to say, share your thoughts and feelings or just ignore the post.

Thanks for checking out my blog.  Join me on this journey and share your thoughts and experiences with me along the way.  Enjoy!

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