Dance Like No One is Watching

There are quite a few things that a 4-year-old can get away with that a 34-year-old simply can’t quite pull off:  smocked clothing, light-up sneakers,  licking the bowl after eating ice cream, and possibly dancing by yourself to a steel drum band in the middle of town center.  I guess a 34-year-old could get away with these things, meaning they would not be carted off to jail or checked into a psychiatric hospital, but they certainly would be looked at a little funny.  However, a 4-year-old doing any of the aforementioned things is a pretty adorable sight.  Last night we enjoyed a wonderful family dinner at Bravo in the Virginia Beach Town Center to celebrate our niece Emily’s 13th birthday.  It was a more relaxing dinner than usual because my parents were watching our two youngest children while we took our daughter Isabella to dinner.  Isabella is pretty good at restaurants, but she is still a picky, restless 4-year-old who has a hard time sitting through a two-hour meal at a restaurant that does not have television, video games, or a playground.  Right outside the restaurant was the temptation of fountains, a steel drum band, and lots of people.  Needless to say, someone would be going for periodic breaks with Isabella and our  7-year-old niece throughout the meal.  Because my husband Les is awesome when it comes to all things kids, he volunteered to take the girls out so they could dance and prance about.

There are many things that rock about being four years old.  My husband and I often remark how awesome it is to be our daughter Isabella.  I mean last Saturday she woke up to homemade pancakes, played soccer, went to a carnival, went to an afternoon birthday party, played with her friends, watched a movie, and got a bath and bedtime story before settling in for a restful 12 hours of sleep.  THAT sounds like an AWESOME way to spend 24 hours!  Heck, if I could just get some exercise and a grown-up movie in the same day I would feel like I was on vacation, or I would feel guilty about taking too much time away from my family.  Exercise, movie, AND a play-date with my friends or my husband – that would just be crazy talk.  Twelve hours of sleep – LOL – that is really crazy talk.  I am telling you, it is good to be four years old!

I think many of the adults, and even teenagers, in the courtyard of town center probably felt like dancing to that steel drum band last night.  Some people were swaying side-to-side, tapping their feet, or had a little bounce in their step, but only the children were really dancing.  They weren’t just dancing either – they were dancing as if no one was watching them.  Spinning, cartwheels, arm waving, jumping, and dancing without a care in the world, as a kid does best.  It was a delight to watch and almost made me want to get out there and dance too, except for the fear of people watching.

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